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VAWZ inspects establishments where wild animals are held in captive situations.

Special Projects

Apart from the main objectives of our organisation, VAWZ has animal welfare interests in many areas and is involved with a number of animal welfare projects and concerns.

VAWZ continues to advocate for the revision and/or replacement of the current animal welfare legislation in Zimbabwe. Regular communication has been maintained with the Director, Department of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agriculture, under whose authority we believe the Act should fall.


Livestock Transport

VAWZ works closely with the Department of Livestock and Veterinary Services and the Anti Stock Theft Unit of the Zimbabwe Republic Police to ensure that livestock is transported both humanely and legally.


Wildlife in Captivity

VAWZ inspects establishments where wild animals are held in captive situations. Lions and elephants remain of particular concern, and to this end VAWZ continues to work closely with the owners and PWMA to ensure that the correct procedures are followed and that welfare issues are addressed expeditiously. VAWZ strongly opposes the capture and removal of any animal from the wild which is then sent to a place of confinement. VAWZ enjoys a strong working relationship with the Crocodile Farmers Association of Zimbabwe (CFAZ) and the Crocodile Producers Consortium (CPC) where we have representation on the Animal Welfare Committee.


Security Dogs

Regular inspections are carried out and welfare issues addressed.


Abattoir and Poultry Slaughterhouse Inspections

VAWZ Inspectors routinely visit abattoirs and poultry slaughterhouses where welfare issues are assessed.


Education and Outreach

VAWZ Inspectors visit schools in Harare where youngsters are introduced to animal welfare. Rural community school children are addressed at every opportunity - especially during our campaigns where one-on-one education often takes place. Donkey and dog information pamphlets in various languages are distributed wherever possible.


FeedMana Campaign

Special mention must be made of VAWZ's involvement in the recently completed 'Feed Mana' campaign. VAWZ was approached by concerned operators/stakeholders in Mana Pools National Park requesting our assistance to provide an umbrella body for a project that was to provide supplementary feed (mainly bales of hay, but also wildlife cubes and blocks and salt blocks) to a number of animals, particularly those on the flood plain, that were suffering from the effects of a devastating drought.

Permission was granted by Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to intervene, and the project kicked off in September. A team of volunteers, together with VAWZ representatives launched a massive awareness campaign to raise the much-needed funds.

This initiative was overwhelmingly supported both at home and abroad, making a real impact on the lives and survival of our wildlife. VAWZ gained a tremendous amount of publicity worldwide for our role in the campaign as well as recognition of our 'other' work.

VAWZ and FeedMana would like to thank every individual and corporate who have supported us with donations, time or in kind. Your generosity has ensured the success of our feeding program.

16,300 bales of hay | 13,400 litres of diesel | 3,500 kgs of game cubes | 900 game blocks | 50 salt blocks .. 37 truckloads delivered in 10 weeks!

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