Personnel Profiles

Tatenda Dzitiro LLB, LLM, PHD Candidate, Board of Trustees Member, Legal

Tatenda Dzitiro has over ten years experience as a Child and Women Rights Advocate and Protection Specialist. She is a registered lawyer with the High Court of Zimbabwe. She has an undergraduate law degree from the University of Capetown and a Masters Degree in International Criminal Justice and Human Rights Law from the University of Dundee in Scotland. She is currently studying towards a Doctorate in Public International Law with the University of South Africa.

Tatenda’s job for over ten years has involved producing evidence-based research in South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America and over five countries in the African region, feeding on children and women's issues. Particularly the analysis of protection laws and policies as well as evaluation of programmes of government institutions and non state actors on the social determinants of gender based violence and making recommendations on how to strengthen the protection systems.

She is the co-founder and current Director of Women Empowerment and Rehabilitation Trust. The organisation has for the past five years provided psycho-social support, legal advice, health and wellness sessions and economic empowerment initiatives to female victims and survivors of gender based violence.

Tatenda Dzitiro loves animals and has a mixed breed brown dog called Elsie. She is married to a veterinarian and both have a shared passion for animal welfare. She currently sits on the VAWZ Board of Trustees as one of the lawyers.


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