Personnel Profiles

Cindy Griffith: Trustee VAWZ UK

"Working closely with VAWZ I am delighted as this not only offers me the chance to make a difference to the lives of animals but also to maintain a close link to my much loved and much missed Southern Africa.”

Cindy was born in Zambia and lived there and in Zimbabwe until she moved to the UK in 1988. She qualified as a financial consultant in 1989, and works in the City of London.

She has always been passionate about animals and their welfare. Together with fellow Trustees, Veterinarians Mark Donaldson and the late Rob Reynolds, Cindy helped to set up VAWZ UK in early 2012. She is committed to making a difference to the welfare of Zimbabwe’s animals and - in many cases - her people too.

She lives in Surrey with her husband and small menagerie of a horse, two dogs and five ex battery chickens.


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