VAWZ was formed in 2010 at the request of the Department of Livestock and Veterinary Services.

VAWZ Personnel Structure

VAWZ is governed by its Management Committee whose members are all volunteers and receive no remuneration or benefits for their service. The Management Committee is responsible for setting a clear vision for VAWZ through its aim and objectives, and to ensure that adequate resources are allocated for the development and provision of appropriate services and activities. Note: the personnel links below open in a new window.

The VAWZ Executive Committee: Dr Russell Taylor (Chairperson) | Dr Chris Foggin | Dr Ant Donohoe | Modern Mutumwa (Finance) | Primrose Mudzikitiri (Human Resources) | Dr Musa Tivapasi | Tatenda Dzitiro (Legal) | Tutsirai Makuvachuma (Legal).

The VAWZ Management Team: Dr Chris Foggin (Chairperson) | Dr Helene Donohoe | Dr Caroline Musarandoga | Mel Hood (Chief Animal Welfare Officer) | Dr Reverend Moregood Spargo (Veterinerary Dept Representative) | Sheunesu Mujakachi (Finance) | Dr Tapiwa Hanyire (Vice Chairperson) | Tapfuma Dembetembe (Legal) | Dr Taps Mhuri | Tinashe Zimhunga | Michael Chikudza (Human Resources) | Onious Mtetwa (Programmes) | Lisa Bass (Finance Officer).

VAWZ UK Trustees: Cindy Griffiths (Chairperson) | Dr Mark Donaldson | Dr Mike Thorne | Dr Tracey Manning.

Operations Manager: Mel Hood | Inspectors: Bernard Ndlovu, Livison Chareka | Trainee Inspector/Surgery Assistant: Vailet Peresu (Harare).

Veterinary Team: Dr Isaac Moyo (Victoria Falls), Dr Collins Masiyiwa (Beitbridge) | Surgery Assistants: Themba Moyo (Victoria Falls) | Job Shiri (Beitbridge).

VF Administrator: Susan Chenaux-Repond | Fund Raising Committee: Lisa Bass, Di Fynn, Lin McLeod, Dr Claire Savage, Chrystal Wynn.

About VAWZ: who we are, what we do

VAWZ was formed in 2010 at the request of the Principal Director, Department of Livestock and Veterinary Services, with recommendations from the World Organisation for Animal Health, after it was identified that there was a need for veterinarians to become more involved in animal welfare issues countrywide. VAWZ was registered then as a Private Trust Organisation but gained PVO status in November 2016. VAWZ relies mainly on donations from supporters and fundraising activities to run the various animal welfare services, and to continue the important role of raising animal welfare awareness in Zimbabwe.

VAWZ is answerable to the Council of Veterinary Surgeons of Zimbabwe and to the Veterinary Profession in general. The office is situated at the Steppes Road Veterinary Surgery, Broadmead Lane, Ballantyne Park, Harare. VAWZ Inspectors are appointed by the Government and operate country wide attending to animal welfare issues as mandated under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, Chapter 19:09.

The Management Committee is responsible for setting the policies of VAWZ, as well as ensuring that it is governed and managed responsibly and prudently. The Management Committee monitors and directs the activities of the VAWZ staff, as well as VAWZ' general adherence to its terms of reference. VAWZ abides by the principles and guidelines of the Private Voluntary Organisations Act (Chapter 17:05) as applicable and practicable. VAWZ employs seven permanent staff at present – four in the Harare office (two Animal Welfare Inspectors, an Animal Welfare Officer / Administrator and a trainee inspector), two at the Victoria Falls Animal Health and Welfare Centre (a veterinarian and a general assistant) and a veterinarian in Beitbridge.

VAWZ Objectives

Training and Extension

  •   Organising and holding training courses / workshops in education establishments, urban and rural administrative structures etc to create greater awareness about Animal Welfare amongst the general population in Zimbabwe;
  •   Training of Division of Veterinary Field Services staff (and other staff of Department of Livestock and Veterinary Services) in welfare issues;
  •   Training individuals to become Inspectors under the Act;
  •   Holding impromptu, and planned, meetings in places where Animal Welfare issues are deemed critical (even on the roadside if necessary); probably even the Veterinary Profession could do with some education in this regard;
  •   Visiting urban and rural areas to assess the standard of Animal Welfare and reporting on this, and other matters, to the Management Committee;
  •   Advising the Veterinary Profession on animal welfare developments in Zimbabwe and internationally;
  •   Assisting, with advice etc, on the re-drafting of animal welfare legislation in Zimbabwe.
  • Investigation

  •   Following up cases of suspected animal cruelty that come to the notice of Veterinarians and others (Staff of DivVFS) in the course of their work and taking action on site, if required;
  •   Working with the legal authorities and Division of Veterinary Field Services staff to facilitate prosecution, where necessary;
  •   Investigating the background issues in Animal Welfare, especially where acts of cruelty are committed, or Animal Welfare is otherwise compromised, for commercial purposes.
  • Liaison

  •   VAWZ continues to benefit from a strong working relationship with both the Department of Veterinary Services and the Zimbabwe Republic Police, particularly the Anti Stock Theft Unit. We also continue to work closely with the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and several meetings have been held with the Director General, where issues such as wildlife in captivity and the capture and export of young elephants were discussed.
  •   VAWZ teamed up with Mutare SPCA and PES Lawyers to send a representative to the CITES convention to highlight our deep concern over the elephant issue.
  •   VAWZ continues to advocate for the revision and/or replacement of the current animal welfare legislation in Zimbabwe. Regular communication has been maintained with the Director, Department of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agriculture, under whose authority we believe the Act should fall.
  • Regular and Routine Inspections of:

  •   Pet Shops
  •   Research Laboratories
  •   Service Animals (dogs and horses)
  •   Crocodile Farms

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    VAWZ is a registered Private Voluntary Organisation PVO # 38/16

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